Associated Studies

PCR4QI: Pancreatic Cancer Registry for Quality Improvement

An NHMRC project grant was awarded in 2016 to Associate Professor Sue Evans for ‘Optimising care for patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer: a prospective cohort study’. This 5-year project will utilise the UGICR’s pancreatic cancer data and see an expansion of this module into six NSW Local Health Districts. A PhD student is studying the development, implementation and analysis of pancreatic cancer quality indicators and patient-reported outcome measures.

Principal Investigators: A/Prof Sue Evans (CIA), A/Prof Rachel Neale, Prof John Zalcberg, Prof David Goldstein, Prof Sally Green, Prof Neil Merrett, Prof Kate White, Prof James Kench,  A/Prof Arul Earnest, Prof Christopher Christophi, Dr Elizabeth Burmeister


A VCA project grant was awarded in 2018 for a registry-based randomised control trial (RRCT) of symptom monitoring, using patient-reported outcomes, and care-coordination integrated into clinical practice to improve health-related quality of life in patients diagnosed with pancreatic and oesophagogastric cancers. Potential participants will be recruited from eight hospitals in Victoria (including private and regional sites) identified through the UGICR.

Principal Investigators: Prof John Zalcberg (CIA), Dr Liane Ioannou, Prof Sue Evans, Prof Madeleine King, Prof Wendy Brown, Dr Daniel Croagh, Dr Charles Pilgrim, Prof Kate White, Prof Jennifer Philip and Prof Arul Earnest.

Associate Investigators: Dr Darshini Ayton, Prof Penelope Schofield, Prof Danny Liew, Prof Jon Emery, Dr Claudia Rutherford, Dr Ri Scarborough, Mr John Liman, Mr David Attwood, Mr Peter Bairstow, Ms Helen Farrugia, Ms Theresa Dodson, Ms Lisa Brady, and Ms Kate Furness.

UGI-PROMs: Registry Based PROMs for Pancreatic Cancer

A Monash Partners Comprehensive Cancer Consortium (MPCCC) grant was awarded to pilot two complementary projects to implement real-time patient-reported outcomes measures (PROMs) and patient-reported experiences measures (PREMs)

A registry-based pilot study of real-time PROMs and PREMs in patients with pancreatic cancer. Clinicians and consumers will be consulted to inform the development and implementation of PROMs and PREMs at four MPCCC affiliated public health services.
Academic lead: Prof John Zalcberg

The development and implementation of PROMs and PREMS in a clinical setting. (Note: Part B is not being conducted by UGICR employees).
Academic lead: Prof Eva Segelov

SYMPTOM-UGI: Upper Gastrointestinal Cancer SYMPTOM Study

A collaborative project led by Professor Jon Emery from the University of Melbourne, looking at patient pathways from onset of symptoms to cancer diagnosis. Potential participants for this project will be identified through the UGICR.

Principal Investigators: Prof Jon Emery (CPI) and Prof John Zalcberg

Victorian Pancreatic Cancer Biobank

Coordinating Principal Investigator: Mr Daniel Croagh